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Welcome to patterns & practices Windows Azure Security Guidance! This is the evolving knowledge base for the Windows Azure Security Guide project currently in research.

Both the guide and this Knowledge Base will contain proven practices for building secure distributed applications on the Windows Azure platform. Windows Azure is Microsoft's offering in the cloud computing space. The guide will contain proven practices, end-to-end applications scenarios, guidelines, question & answers, videos and task-based how-to articles. This guide will be a collaborative effort between patterns & practices, product teams, and industry experts.

NOTE: Information contained here is in flux. This project is in its research phase and all information is unofficial and subject to change.

- J.D. Meier, Paul Enfield.

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About the Project

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Windows Azure Security Application Scenario and Solutions

In attempting to address the breadth of cloud implementations, we have identified a core set of application architecture scenarios. Using these core scenarios we will examine each from the perspective of Authentication and Authorization patterns, and Communication. Understanding how each of these frames applies to an architecture scenario allows you to build more secure hosted applications.


Frames are a lens for looking at Cloud Security. The frame is simply a collection of Hot Spots. Each Hot Spot represents an actionable category for information. Using Hot Spots, you can quickly find pain and opportunities, or key decision points. It helps us organize principles, patterns, and practices by relevancy.

Project Exploration

During project exploration, we research the space, spike on key problems and map out the terrain. This primary goal during exploration is to understand the customer, the problem, and drive to project Vision/Scope. By sharing our early research and map, you can help us prioritize problems and improve focus and scope.

Problem Space Exploration

Solution Space Exploration

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Contributors and Reviewers

  • External Contributors / Reviewers - Adam Grocholski; Christopher Seary; Juval Lowy; Kevin Lam; Michael Smith; Michael Stiefel; Michelle Leroux Bustamante; Rudolph Araujo; Terrance Snyder; Will Clevenger
  • Microsoft Contributors / Reviewers - Akshay Aggarwal; Alik Levin; Andreas Fuchsberger; Dave Brankin; Don Willits; Eugenio Pace; Gabriel Morgan; Jeff Mueller; John Steer; Julian Gonzalez; Mark Curphey; Rahul Verma; Scott Densmore; Sesha Mani; Stuart Kwan; Varun Sharma; Vidya Vrat Agarwal


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